C-22 and C-60 Service Manual


C-22 and C-60 Service Manual information. To download a PDF or for information about how to find your serial number, please use the appropriate button below.

Frame Unit

1Front Cover
14Hex lock Nut
2Socket Head Cap Screw
15Tie Rod
3Half Bushing (Main)
4Main Bearing Cap
17L.H. Leg
5Hex Head Cap Screw18Front leg Boll
6Lockwasher19Rear leg Boll
7Bolster Bolt (J.I.C.)
20Hex lock Nut
9Washer30R.H. leg
10Hex Nut31Square Nut. R.H.
11Square Nut. l. H.
32Hex Nut R.H.
12Washer (Plain)
33Square Head Screw
13Hex Nut l.H.34Jam Nut

Slide Unit

1Connection sleeve cap16Knockout bracket screw
2Connection sleeve bushing (replacements furnished in matched pairs only)
17Knockout Pin
3Connection cap screw
4Connection sleeve
19Knockout bar
5Locking plug
20Knockout bar pin
6Connection plug screw
21Left hand gib
7Connection plug nut
22Right hand gib
8Connection screw23Main gib screw
9Felt washer
24Ball cap
25Ball cap bushing
11Slide Cap
26Ball seat bushing
12Slide Cap Stud
13Slide Cap Stud Nut
28Ball cap screw
14Knockout bracket 29Ball cap screw lockwasher
15Hex Hd Screw 30Plug

Backshaft Unit (Geared Presses Only)


1Backshaft Bearing Housing9Flywheel
2Backshaft Bearing Housing Cap Screw10Main Oriveshaft Key (Flywheel End)
3Backshaft Bearing Housing Cap Screw Lockwasher
11Main Oriveshaft Bearing End Collar ( Retainer)
4Main Oriveshaft12Main Oriveshaft Bearing End Collar Screw
5Main Drive Pinion13Main Oriveshaft Bearing Collar
6Main Drive Pinion Key14Main Oriveshaft Bearing
7Shaft End Cover15Main O riveshaft Bearing Spacer
8Shaft End Cover Screw16Shims

Inclining Mechanism – Ratchet Type (optional)


1Pivot pin5Thrust Bearing
2Washer6Ratchet Assembly
3Hex Cap Screw7Incline Base
4Incline Screw8Pivot Pin

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