Bliss Plate 5 specification information. To download a PDF or for information about how to find your serial number, please use the appropriate button below.

 Parts List     
1Front Feed Finger46Throw Block 91Top Gib
2Front Finger Screw 47Adjusting Bolt92Filler Block
3#2 Feed Finger48Miter Gear93Skip Motion Finger
4#2 Finger Screw49Cover Block94Auxiliary Feed Bar Insert
5"T" Nut 50Adjusting Screw95Auxiliary Short Finger
6Lock Guide Block 51Sleeve96Spring Pin
7Top Rail52Crank Arm (lower end) 97Filler Block
8Spacer 53Bearing98Feed Bar Block
9Bottom Rail54Retaining Ring99Feed Bar Plug
10Cover Plate (long) 55Retainer Washer100Feed Bar
11Cover Plate (short) 56Pressure Plate 101Standard Feed Finger
12Spacer Block 57Spring Pad 102Auxiliary Feed Bar Insert Key
13Stack Plate 58Micro Switch103Filler Block Key
14Stack Plate Bracket59Detector Lever Arm Bracket104Clamp Bushing
15Strike Bracket60Spring 105Finger Bushing
16Guard Side 61Detector Lever Arm 106Rod End
17Auxiliary Feed Guard62Detector Arm Pin 107Lock Nut
18Auxiliary Feed Bar Ext. 63Dowel108Male Rod End
19Link Pin64Latch Bracket109Crank Pin
20Auxiliary Feed Bar 65Latch 110Bearing
21Lock Ring 66Feed Table 111Hinge Block (L.H.)
22Grease Fitting 67Spring Bushing112Gib Plate
23Gauge Strip68Support Frame Latch113Gib Plate
24Spring 69Latch Pin 114Mounting Plate (L.H.)
25Adjusting Washer 70Contact Support Frame 115Switch Bracket (L.H.)
26Bronze Bushing71Dowel116Switch Trip Plate
27Auxiliary Feed Lever 72Pressure Plate Stud117Switch Bracket (R.H.)
28Pivot Pin 73Spring118Mounting Plate (R.H.)
29Auxiliary Feed Bracket74Pressure Plate (front)119Adjusting Bracket
30Snap Ring 75Pressure Plate (center)120"T" Bolt
31Rod End 76Pressure Plate (rear) 121Adjusting Screw
32Connector Rod 77Hinge Block122Spring
33Rod End 78Hinge Pin123Pressure Button
34Spring Plug79Magnet124Back Gauge
35Spring 80Magnet Sleeve125Hinge Block (R.H.)
36Yoke Plug 81Fill in Bar126Hinge Pin
37Yoke 82Fill in Bar127Yoke Pin
38Stop Pin 83Strip128Slide Block
39Crank Arm (upper end) 84Strip Guide129Spring
40Headless Liner 85Strip Guide130Hinge Pin
41Yoke Pin86Magnet131Table Dowel
42Crank Arm Connector 87Magnet Sleeve
43Adjusting Handle 88Strip Guide
44Retainer Screw (L.H. thresd)89Shoulder Bolt
45Retainer Washer 90Lock Lever

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