Bliss Plate 1 specification information. To download a PDF or for information about how to find your serial number, please use the appropriate button below.

 Parts List   
1Limit Switch Braket 37Release Lever (lower)
2Limit Switch 38Oilite Bearing
3Flexible Coupling39Adjusting Block
4Rubber Insert40Square Head Set Screw
B-5Oil Pump Drive Sprocket 41Release Lever Shaft (lower)
6Limit SwitchDrive Shaft 42Key
7Limit Switch Connecting Ring 43Cam Roll Arm Adjusting Hub
8Gear Box Drive Sprocket44Cam Roll Arm
9Sprocket Hub 45Cam Roller
10Connection Lube Shield 46Roller Stud
B-11Chain Guard47Square Head Set Screw
B-12Chain 48Gear Box Support Block
B-13Oil Pump Driven Sprocket49Frame
B-14Oil Pump (Bijur) 50Bolster
B-15Oil Pump Mounting Bracket51Gear Box Drive Chain
16Brake Disc Bracket (rear) 52Main Bearing Cap
17Brake Disc Pin 53Main Bearing
18Flywheel 54Crankshaft
19Brake Disc Bracket (front)
*21Motor Sheave
22Brake Friction Disc
23Flywheel Guard* Change Part
24Air Control Valve Mounting Bracket B Bijur Lubrication
25"V" Bolts L Lincoln Lubrication
26Motor Bracket
27Air Tank
28Air Tank Support Strap
29"U" Bolt
30Square Head Set Screw
31Electrical Control Box
L-33Grease Pump
L-34Lube Support Bracket
L-35Inj Support Plate
36Release Lever Stud

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