Save Costs on Press Maintenance with BCN Press Inspections

Having your press inspected prior to break-down will save you from unexpected breakdowns and additional cost.

During an inspection, a field technician will arrive on site and evaluate the condition of your equipment. You will then receive a written report on the areas of which have the potential to break down in the future.

We offer different levels of inspections depending on your needs. See below to learn more! 

Levels of Inspections

Basic- A Basic Inspection consists of visible checks of all major components along with the overall condition of the press. The Schuler Service Technicians will inform you of any problem areas observed during the inspection that would affect proper operation in the future.
Time Frame: 1 day, 3-5 hours (dependent upon size).

Standard- A Standard Inspection houses all of the basic inspection points including checks of main systems including hydraulic and lubrication. We will also complete a geometrical inspection, checking press parallelism and leveling along with clearances of slide gibs. You will be informed of any problem areas observed by the service technician including visual and geometrical.
Time Frame: 1 day 8-12 hours (dependent upon size).

Plus- Along with the checks of a Basic and Standard, the Inspection Plus will cover electrical (control cabinets, connections, operations) as well as essential safety functions and backlash. Our service technicians will take oil samples from the press where these results will be presented in a generated report from Service Engineering within 30 days.
Time Frame: 1 day, 10-12 hours (dependant upon size) utilizing 2 Schuler Service Technicians.

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