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Slow production times? Low-quality results? Frequent breakdowns? Whether your metal press needs a serious overhaul or you just have a quick question, turn to the original source for help. At BCN (Bliss, Clearing, Niagara) Technical Services, we’re well-versed in virtually every type of metal press on the market. Due to our expertise, we’re able to offer three comprehensive services to support all our clients’ metal stamping needs.

  1. Metal Press Parts and Repair. If your press isn’t working correctly, you can identify the part and order a replacement from BCN today. Check out our Exchange Program to see if you’re eligible for a trade-in to receive a brand-new, refurbished or rebuilt part, such as a clutch brake for your Torc-Pac.
  2. Field Service. Need more help with your metal press? We also offer on-site repair, service, inspection, scheduled maintenance, PM programs and more. As we work on diagnosing issues and troubleshooting your device, you’ll be able to focus your attention elsewhere.
  3. Special Projects. Our engineers go above and beyond to make sure your press is operating efficiently. If you have a large-scale rebuild or mass press repair project in mind, contact us today for quotes and more information.

Although lingo may change between industries, from automotive to aerospace construction, the metal stamping, stretching, coining and bending processes remain similar. In the realm of metalworking, there are several leading metal press brands, such as USI, Consolidated Press, Wilkins and Mitchell and more. Since we have access to all of their original blueprints, we’re able to sell parts to a diverse range of customers.

Despite being located in Hastings, Michigan, we’re dedicated to serving metal manufacturers and their presses around the world. If you have questions about your machines, our customer service line is always open; and if you ever need to order spare or replacement parts, our online form is just a click away. Plus, you can always access our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drawings via our digital archives.


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