Type SU Air Friction Clutch Model 61 specification information. To download a PDF or for information about how to find your serial number, please use the appropriate button below.

Type SU Air Friction Clutch Model 61

Item NumberDescriptionQuanity61-SU Mod. D Aug. 1975
RS-1Bearing Collar Screw3 pcs.6326-0-0213-2
RS-2Bearing Collar1 pc.3382-A-2146-2
RS-3Fw. Bearing Shims
.005“ Thk.-Blue2 pcs.3124-A-5120-2
.002“Thk.-Red5 pcs.3124-A-5119-2
RS-4Flywheel Bearings2 pcs.6250-0-0125-2
RS-5Flywheel1 pc.Check Record
RS-6Friction Disc Pin - Round1 pc.3263-A-4127-2
RS-7Friction Disc Pin - Flat1 pc.3261-A-6140-2
RS-8Keeper Plate - Round1 pc.0043-3-0250-2
RS-9Keeper Plate - Flat1 pc.0042-3-0427-2
RS-10Keeper Plate Screws4 pcs.1314-3-0008-2
RS-11Brake Springs4 pcs.6661-0-0008-2
RS-12Drive Pins8 pcs.0047-3-0008-2
RS-13Clutch Linings8 pcs.0042-1-0136-2
RS-14U-Packing - Outer1 pc.2314-A-6183-2
RS-15U-Packing - Inner1 pc.5920-0-0041-2
RS-16Air Cylinder1 pc.3684-C-9223-2
RS-17Air Cylinder Bolts8 pcs.2011-A-8228-2
*RS-18Air Swivel Assembly1 pc.0048-1-0231-4
RS-19Swivel Ball Bearing1 pc.2421-A-3112-2
Swivel Ball Bearing1 pc.2422-A-3712-2
RS-20Retainer Ring1 pc.2125-A-0053-2
RS-21U-Packing1 pc.5920-0-0110-2
RS-22Alemite Fitting1 pc.8393-0-0150-2
RS-23Housing1 pc.0048-2-0233-2
RS-24Spacer Ring1 pc.0048-3-0234-2
RS-25Reducer Bushing1 pc.2222-Z-1011-2
RS-26Retainer Ring1 pc.2125-Z-1039-2
RS-27Swivel Sleeve1 pc.0048-2-0236-2
RS-28Sleeve Gasket1 pc.0048-3-0237-2
RS-29Air Cylinder Piston1 pc.0048-1-0111-2
RS-30Clutch Friction Disc Assembly1 pc.3684-B-4213-4
*RS-31Clutch Friction Disc1 pc.3491-C-3107-2
*RS-32Clutch Friction Disc Bush. - Round1 pc.3341-B-6102-2
*RS-33Clutch Friction Disc Bush. - Flat1 pc.3344-B-9104-2
RS-34Clutch Lining Screws24 pcs.2011-Z-1583-2
RS-35Clutch Lining Screw Nuts24 pcs.5815-0-0004-2
RS-36End Plate Screws3 pcs.1314-3-0015-2
RS-37End Plate - (Crankshaft)1 pc.3286-A-2119-2
RS-38Clutch Body1 pc.3684-C-7826-2
RS-39Shaft Key1 pc.5560-0-0267-2

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