Torc-Pac 205


Torc-Pac 205 specification information. To download a PDF or for information about how to find your serial number, please use the appropriate button below.

Torc-Pac 205

Part No. DescriptionPart No. Description
4Pressure Plate Nut (2)33Brake Spring (10)
5Dowel Pin (2)34Clutch Drive Hub
6Soc. Pipe Plug (2)•35"O" Ring
8Spacer (4)37Spacer
• 10Gasket39Locknut (2)
11Cap Screw (4)•40"O" Ring
• 12"O" Ring (4)41Flywheel
•13Packing (4)•42"O" Ring (2)
14Cylinder•43Oil Seal (2)
15Hex. HD. Cap Scr.44Bearing Retainer (2)
16Bearing Housing45Shim
17Piston46Rotary Union Tube
18Hex. HD. Cap Scr.47Soc. HD. Cap Scr.
19Driveshaft48Retainer Plate
21Lockwasher50Rotary Union
•22Bearing 51Soc. HD. Cap Scr.
•23Packing52Bearing Retainer
•24Packing 53Key
25Clutch Housing54Lockwasher (2)
26Dowel (4)55Locknut (2)
27Pipe Plug (4)•56Bearing
28Brake Shoe57Bearing Housing
29Pipe Plug •58Bearing
30Cap Screw (4)59Hex. HD. Cap Scr.
31Friction Disc (18) Clutch (10) Brake (8)60Input Shaft
32Driven Disc (16) Clutch (9) Brake (7)•61"O" Ring
62Grease Seal
Relief Fitting
Grease Fitting

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